Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi there friends.. How are you? well.. I hope you're good..
Me? nah not really good..

Last saturday I joined tryout in UI (fyi: University of Indonesia). My plan is I will take the France Literature to continue my study there. But, how come the tryout was very hard. I'm not sure I'll pass it with good scores. hhhh..
My mom told me that the government administration is good for study.. It'll learn about economics, taxes, ect. I guess you guys already knew why I didn't want to take it.
yup! My scores in economics subject was so bad. So i don't want to take the risk that i'll get kick out from campus. arrgh..
My mom is hoping me that i will receive scholarship from UI.. but Its the hardest university in Jakarta, and there's the coolest college student in jakarta i guess (for some people). She promised something to me if i pass the admission test. She promised me that she'll give me a thing that I've been wanted in this year.

Because of that, now I'm joining course for senior high school students, hope that I can gain my ability to pass the final test in april 2014.The teacher is not bad, also not good... balancing each other. Sometimes he;s very kind, but sometimes he's very mean. The first word when i remember i have a course schedule for today/tomorrow: "Damn why this thing could happens?" haha lol.
After about 4 months I've been joined the course... i thought its still same.. I didn't even get 60 in my middle semester test. hhhh that's embarrassing..

Well at least i'm very thankful that i'm not in science class. I wanted it once... But because my physic's scores didn't pass the minimum of criteria, i got the social class. wohooo..
Then i changed my mind to continue my study from doctor to literature. hahaha..

well friends.. here's i will tell you that, don't spend your time for useless things..
This life is a lesson so keep studying. Or......
You will regret it.

goodnight, have a nice day, xoxo..