Saturday, December 31, 2016


Best friends and lovers
Can't seem to draw the line between each other 
What is defined means nothing to a brother 
You just don't give a damn, that's why I think I love ya
It's not fair, how easy I melt when you play with my hair 
I ain't going nowhere, it's not right
I can't sleep without you anymore at night time 
Not in this lifetime 

Love ain't never been so close, but so far away 
Like your mind is telling you to just back off 
And your heart says just stay 
What's a love that doesn't keep you up all night and all day 
If it's not too late, yeah you realise it one day

We can go to the movies boy, maybe we could hang out boy
Whatever you wanna do, cause I'm down for it 
I'm down for you

One day we're lovers, next day we're friends 
Don't know where it begins or it ends
But let me tell you one thing going through a nigga's head 
Most nigga's just scared 
It feels too good to be true 
Every time I'm with you
I'm ignoring what I'm next to

Cause love ain't never been so close, but so far away 
It's like my mind is telling me to just back off
And my heart says just stay 
Tell me what's a love that doesn't keep you up all night and all day 
And if it's not too late, maybe I realize it one day 

We can go to the movies girl, maybe we could hang out girl
Whatever you wanna do, cause I'm down for it 
I'm down for you

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


man, when a looked my old entry be like.....
hahaha jk
anyway its good to see you again!and i dont know what to say, and i dont know what to do anyway
soo.. i think i'll get back to my routine then..
byee see you again

love, mezzya

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


is it really my last post was in 2014?
wow.. sorry. i don't know what to say anyway..

my 3rd semester been really hard. Actually 2015 has been difficult for me. Sneeaky a little bit, but anyway anyhow i'm okay. I've been stayed in Depok for almost 1 and a half years now. And i feels really great but not that great, hahah jk. And i have to go right now bcs i have a presentation that will be held in a few hours. I'll tell you the whole story later when this semster is over. 

see you soon

love, mezzya

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"DELIRIUM" by Lauren Oliver

HI GUYS!!! HI, HI, and HI!
Long time it's been! How are you? hope it's great or good or maybe whatever you're reading this anyway.
I've been good. Sometimes terrible, but ya i'm totally good (Except for my university test it was totally...... oh i can't imagine how it was). I'd been trough my high school year. And of course I PAST MY FINAL EXAMS!! Wohooo you don't know how happy i was, and still until now. Finally I'm free, free from that exams, from all subject, free from all my teachers! YEAH! Like I'm just free from the cage or something.. but something even big awaits for me. Yea, guess what? University what is called? Campus? Collage? hmm yea very something. But enough chitchat.

I read a novel. It's "DELIRIUM" by Lauren Oliver. And It was very brilliant what i have to say?. Two thumbs up for Lauren. She's really bring it. It's very moving. I love the story. The way the government like insist the citizens to through the cure. But not all the citizens agreed, They're also rebels, or it might call an invalids. And then all the crazy things the government have done, gone when Alex come like a hero, like a dirty creature, an invalid, uncured, and a rebel, made everything disappear like there's no fear or harm. He just want something like freedom no rules about deliria (love), no fences to separate the city and the Wilds.
Lena a girl used trust everything that happened an decided in the government, trust totally in all systems, and believe that's for their own good, for protect them from the deathly deliria disease. But when Alex came and opened her eyes, It felt like there's nothing more important. Than Alex. And the story will continue in the second sequel of the Delirium Trilogy, PANDEMONIUM, then REQUIEM.

This book is very very very very made me daydreaming the day after i read it. Really made my world go fuze, like something goes crazy or something. But like i wrote, this is very brilliant. The way Lena changed her mind and turned to trust Alex and His world. The way Alex made like Lena was a very special and very adorable very precious. He would do anything, be anything for her. They made it like there's a freedom when they're together. And their togetherness makes everyone who read this book feel their warmness inside them
It's fascinating. There's happiness but also sadness. So there's no reason for you to not read it. IT WAS VERY COOL LAUREN! GREAT GREAT JOB!

Xoxo, MOP

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi there friends.. How are you? well.. I hope you're good..
Me? nah not really good..

Last saturday I joined tryout in UI (fyi: University of Indonesia). My plan is I will take the France Literature to continue my study there. But, how come the tryout was very hard. I'm not sure I'll pass it with good scores. hhhh..
My mom told me that the government administration is good for study.. It'll learn about economics, taxes, ect. I guess you guys already knew why I didn't want to take it.
yup! My scores in economics subject was so bad. So i don't want to take the risk that i'll get kick out from campus. arrgh..
My mom is hoping me that i will receive scholarship from UI.. but Its the hardest university in Jakarta, and there's the coolest college student in jakarta i guess (for some people). She promised something to me if i pass the admission test. She promised me that she'll give me a thing that I've been wanted in this year.

Because of that, now I'm joining course for senior high school students, hope that I can gain my ability to pass the final test in april 2014.The teacher is not bad, also not good... balancing each other. Sometimes he;s very kind, but sometimes he's very mean. The first word when i remember i have a course schedule for today/tomorrow: "Damn why this thing could happens?" haha lol.
After about 4 months I've been joined the course... i thought its still same.. I didn't even get 60 in my middle semester test. hhhh that's embarrassing..

Well at least i'm very thankful that i'm not in science class. I wanted it once... But because my physic's scores didn't pass the minimum of criteria, i got the social class. wohooo..
Then i changed my mind to continue my study from doctor to literature. hahaha..

well friends.. here's i will tell you that, don't spend your time for useless things..
This life is a lesson so keep studying. Or......
You will regret it.

goodnight, have a nice day, xoxo..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is it everyone Candice Swanpoel
what a wonderful creature in the world........ 
love her body and face so much... 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Enjoy the beat tonight.....

hey everyone.
its almost 9.30pm here. 
still wake up because I'm listening to the music of David Guetta.
and it was really nothing but the beat!