Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"DELIRIUM" by Lauren Oliver

HI GUYS!!! HI, HI, and HI!
Long time it's been! How are you? hope it's great or good or maybe whatever you're reading this anyway.
I've been good. Sometimes terrible, but ya i'm totally good (Except for my university test it was totally...... oh i can't imagine how it was). I'd been trough my high school year. And of course I PAST MY FINAL EXAMS!! Wohooo you don't know how happy i was, and still until now. Finally I'm free, free from that exams, from all subject, free from all my teachers! YEAH! Like I'm just free from the cage or something.. but something even big awaits for me. Yea, guess what? University what is called? Campus? Collage? hmm yea very something. But enough chitchat.

I read a novel. It's "DELIRIUM" by Lauren Oliver. And It was very brilliant what i have to say?. Two thumbs up for Lauren. She's really bring it. It's very moving. I love the story. The way the government like insist the citizens to through the cure. But not all the citizens agreed, They're also rebels, or it might call an invalids. And then all the crazy things the government have done, gone when Alex come like a hero, like a dirty creature, an invalid, uncured, and a rebel, made everything disappear like there's no fear or harm. He just want something like freedom no rules about deliria (love), no fences to separate the city and the Wilds.
Lena a girl used trust everything that happened an decided in the government, trust totally in all systems, and believe that's for their own good, for protect them from the deathly deliria disease. But when Alex came and opened her eyes, It felt like there's nothing more important. Than Alex. And the story will continue in the second sequel of the Delirium Trilogy, PANDEMONIUM, then REQUIEM.

This book is very very very very made me daydreaming the day after i read it. Really made my world go fuze, like something goes crazy or something. But like i wrote, this is very brilliant. The way Lena changed her mind and turned to trust Alex and His world. The way Alex made like Lena was a very special and very adorable very precious. He would do anything, be anything for her. They made it like there's a freedom when they're together. And their togetherness makes everyone who read this book feel their warmness inside them
It's fascinating. There's happiness but also sadness. So there's no reason for you to not read it. IT WAS VERY COOL LAUREN! GREAT GREAT JOB!

Xoxo, MOP

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